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OVR: Official Video Review

The Most Intuitive and Cost-Effective System for Official Replay

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Simply connecting an iPad gives officials every view you have.

Catch every angle. At once.

Intuitive interface allows your officials to see all the angles at one time. Make the most of your equipment investments by using your video feeds for both broadcasts and officiating together.

Official Video Review replay on an iPad

Simple controls for complicated calls.

Tablet interfaces have become ubiquitous today. Let your officials focus less on the technology and more on getting the call correct.

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Catch Every Frame

Inch along all 4 feeds simultaneously, frame by frame. Ensure that game winner actually beat the buzzer!

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No Lag Time

Simply click refresh to immediately pull the latest feed. No prep or additional controller needed.

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See Every Detail

Double tap a single feed to full screen the view. Full screen allows you to pinch-zoom and review the finest details.

Unlock Official Video Review within Production Truck

OVR is baked into Production Truck. When your license unlocks its features, you can manage your broadcasts and official review feeds from a convenient, singular source.

Ready to try it out?